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Conscious and targeted sustainability is a powerful tool to realize that the Netherlands is (and remains) attractive and future-proof from an economic, ecological and human perspective. That is why this is at the top of many organizations’ agendas.

As a buyer, you are uniquely positioned to increase the positive impact of your organization. But do you also experience the interpretation of sustainability as too abstract and sometimes even too non-committal? With the right tools, we help you make concrete how you contribute to organizational goals and make sustainability part of the procurement strategy in every project.

Mariska van Dalen, founder of MVI Platform, has been looking into sustainability issues for years from various positions. During her career, she found that organizations are not always aware of how they contribute to people, the environment and society through their procurement strategy. She found that while there is a lot of data, it is not always easy to find and/or aggregate. As a result, it is proving challenging for buyers to translate this data into information and use it to make purchasing strategy choices.

MVI Platform is changing this. From her experience, passion and enthusiasm to contribute to a better world, Mariska started MVI Platform. Her dream is that eventually socially responsible procurement will become a structural part of the procurement strategy at all organizations. In her view, buyers are the drivers for making the organization and production chains more sustainable.

MVI Platform is the place to inspire you to buy socially responsible in every tender or procurement you make. With the tool, The SDG Procurement Compass, we make the
impact of each project or product on people, environment and society in concrete terms. The tool connects information from various sources and databases, which we use to identify opportunities and risks for ambition in your project. As a result, we create a customized procurement strategy. The results of these projects are comprehensively and structurally collected in the tool and made visible on the SRI Platform. As a result, the data in the tool is continuously updated and users can learn from each other’s choices.

MVI Platform helps you create a clear, sustainable procurement strategy for every project. This is how you contribute to your organization’s goals, optimizing the positive impact on people, the environment and society.

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