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Innovative lock

Province of Zeeland has tendered the maintenance of the inner eb doors of the large lock in Flushing in 2020.

The purpose of this project is the replacement of the motion works and additionally the electrical installation for controlling the movement of the doors (implementation). The renovation will increase the level of safety, reliability, availability and maintainability of the controls and movement of the doors.

About this project

Client: Province of Zeeland

Period: At 2020 tendered and start work second half of 2020. Commissioned in May 2021.

A slewing ring with drive pinion, encoder pinion and lubrication pinion. The drive replaces the panama drive wheel. This innovation (first in the world) is robust, compact, has a long life (> 60 years) and is safer.

The innovative lock contributes to the following Sustainable Goals, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

SDG 3.9


The pivot is compact and closed making it safer when performing maintenance and inspection work.

SDG 7.2

Renewable energy

The energy required for control and movement is generated with wind energy from the Netherlands.

SDG 8.2


To make the drive, many specialties from Western Europe were used with high added value.

SDG 9.4


This is the first application of a slewing ring drive in a lock. Based on a multi-criteria analysis, it emerged as the best compared to the panama wheel and hydraulic cylinders.

SDG 11a


The lock has an important access function from the sea to inland waters for fishing, commercial inland navigation, pilotage and recreational boating.

SDG 12.2


The drive is robust, has a long service life (> 60 years) and is completely recyclable after end of life.

The query

In mid-2018, project preparation began with the calculation of the loads on the lock gates and movement structures. A drive principle was then determined using a Multi Criteria Analysis. This led to an innovative principle: a slewing ring drive. This drive is robust, safe, has a long service life and is completely recyclable after end of life.

That choice was followed by the design steps: preliminary design, detailed design and implementation design. These steps were carried out under the responsibility of Province of Zeeland. This was followed by design verification and tendering for realization. Since September 2020, this has been started by contractor Spie. After a trial period of 1 year, the following 6 pieces of motion works will come into play.


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For this project, we chose a unique application. I knew that Dinatec Engineering in Flushing was working with slewing rings and this seemed applicable for a lock. After calculations, this innovative application came out on top in the multi-criteria analysis. This technique has potential for other replacement tasks, as many locks in the Netherlands are equipped with panama wheel or hydraulic cylinders.

Sybren Stelpstra

Project Manager, Province of Zeeland

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