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Furniture Abbey complex

In 2018, Province of Zeeland entered into a framework agreement for the supply of loose furniture for the Abbey complex, at Middelburg.

Supplies include desks, office chairs, conference tables and chairs, lounge workstations, cabinets and seating.

When designing the building, a flexible office concept was chosen that invites collaboration and meeting, with the aim of stimulating and supporting task-driven work.

About this project

Client: Province of Zeeland

Contractor: Weststrate

Period: The contract was awarded in July 2018. The contract runs until Dec. 31, 2021, with the possibility of four 2-year extensions.

Circular products supplier:
Vepa: Edge T (desk)
Vepa: Felt (chair)
Vepa: Be Brave 200 (office chair)

The Furniture contributes to the following Sustainable Goals, known as Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

positive impact indicators

The indicators are based on the EU GPP criteria for furniture. TPAS for sustainable wood. For reusability, the formula from the Cradle to Cradle Product Standard v3.0 was used.

Indicator 1

Application of sustainability developments during the term of the contract (including option years).

The more developments are applied the better.

Indicator 2

Ensure good ergonomics in flexible working of the range offered.

The simpler an optimal ergonomic posture is achieved for users the better.

Indicator 3

Design for infinite reuse.

(A) % reusable or compostable at end of life

(B) % recycled raw material or renewable raw materials in the product

Formula: (2A + B) /3 x 100

Indicator 4

Capture residual value after the 7-year useful life.

Included in the residual value price is disassembly, removal and transportation of the furniture in question.

The query

Sustainability was included as a minimum requirement and as an award criterion (25%). Burden of proof on health of materials in accordance with European limits and sustainable wood was a knockout requirement.

In the award criterion, value preservation of materials was chosen by making infinite reuse concrete in the design for 2 products, including a fixed amount for return to 7 years, making refurbishment of current furniture concrete and using new developments during the term.

The offer

The winning provider calculated infinite reuse for the products supplied below.

  • Be Brave 200
  • Edge-T

Be Brave 200



“For the European tender Furniture Abbey Complex, we made the minimum requirements and the circularity of products concrete. The Platform has given us insight into what is possible and what harmonized indicators there are.”

Cor Tromp

Senior Buyer, Province of Zeeland

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