impact measurement 2023

Nine procurement contracts have been selected for 2023. The spend from these pilots is 12% (€8.4 mln) of total influenceable procurement over 2023.

For these projects, based on the information available in the contracts, 3 million kg of CO2 emissions were avoided and 12 million kg of primary materials were avoided. This is 68% CO2 reduction (2030 goal: 55%) and 59% less primary materials consumption (2030 goal: 50%). We thank our suppliers for achieving our goal.

Avoided CO2 emissions were calculated by calculating the difference from the national reference value. For avoided primary materials, the amount of rapidly renewable and reused raw materials and materials were summed by project. The percentages were calculated by dividing the total avoided/total consumption for these nine projects.

sdg 13 procurement


CO2 avoided by 2023

kg CO2 avoided through renewable energy and raw material reuse

The climate is changing, sea levels are rising therefore we ask contractors and suppliers to actively contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. The goal is to reduce at least 55% by 2030 .

sdg 12 life extension


primary materials avoided by 2023

kg of recycled and renewable raw materials

The rate at which we consume resources is faster than the earth can replenish it. The goal is to consume at least 50 percent less primary raw materials by 2030.


The SDG dialogues we held with more than 70 stakeholders provided very concrete input to make impact. Therefore, we decided to repeat it annually. These dialogues inspire and connect.

Martin Scherpenisse

Strategic buyer, Province of Zeeland

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