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Traffic circle N655

In 2020, Province of Zeeland decided to issue a single call for tender within the major maintenance contract for the N655/Heuvelsweg traffic circle on Schouwen-Duiveland to apply an innovative product. Thanks in part to MKI, the Kerkwerve traffic circle (N655) project was the first to choose a Steen Mastic Asphalt overlay with 50% recycled asphalt.

The work consists of replacing the overlay (or top layer) with SMA circular product. An ideal location for this type of asphalt, as it resists twisting traffic well at traffic circles and intersections, for example.

About this project

Client: Province of Zeeland

Contractor: KWS infra Roosendaal-Sas van Gent

Period: The contract was completed March 24, 2021

Circular product:
SMA circular is an application of 50% recycled SMA (stone or split mastic asphalt)

The N655/Hill Road Roundabout contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


The work was performed by a local contractor KWS Infra Roosendaal-Sas van Gent. KWS wants to further develop this product to achieve 100% circularity.


This is the first time this product has been applied by Province of Zeeland in a traffic circle. Next steps include applying bioased binders and replacing the remaining portion of crushed stone with circular materials.

SDG 12

3,750 m² of the old SMA overlay was milled and directly reused in the new SMA Circular overlay. This optimizes the entire chain, since by reusing 50%, no further processing of the released material is required.

SDG 13

The application of 50% recycled SMA leads to a reduction in CO₂ emissions and a lower MKI (Environmental Cost Indicator) than a standard SMA. This is due to a reduction of transportation during the production and extraction of stony material.


Project team Province of Zeeland

“For several years, the Province of Zeeland has been engaged in the national Sustainable GWW approach and is also one of the signatories of the Green Deal GWW 2.0.

Bart Verhaeghe de Naeyer

Advisor dGWWW, Province of Zeeland

In our projects, we strive for more circularity and less carbon emissions. In the development of our plans, for example, we work with a carbon performance ladder. We also work with the Environmental Cost Indicator (EQI) in material selection.

Wilko Heij

Asset specialist, Province of Zeeland

Thanks in part to MKI, the Kerkwerve traffic circle (N655) project was the first to choose an SMA overlay with 50% recycled asphalt. This gives a CO2 reduction compared to normal asphalt.

Robert Meijaard

Topic Manager Dry Infrastructure, Province of Zeeland

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